Running Brook Elementary PTA night

"Both parents and children were equally involved, you could tell that she was having fun which was contagious."

"The creative way that Nellie used to get different responses from the group and her positive attitude made this a great night."

Long Green Valley Church Wellness Matters Group

"It was great to here my mom express how much she enjoyed (the drumming) it spite her attempts of getting out of anything dealing with coordination and rhythm! "

Paulela Burchill Music and Arts

Thank you so much for coming to our party to facilitate the drum circle.  Everyone had a fabulous time and our friends are still raving about the event and about playing the cool percussion  and grooving together!  You not only  made the evening fun, but educational and interesting too with your natural style and wit."


"The Drumming circle makes and presents everyone with equal importance.  It was awesome and very engaging"

"Workshop included a lot of participation, great ideas.  It was fun, interactive and informative.  Nellie is wonderful!"

The Gig Spring 2007 Music and Wellness Experience Weekend

"The drum circle led by Nellie Hill .....produced radiant smiles of happiness from the participants. I found myself constantly stopping to observe those smiling faces and spend occasional time in conversation with a happy multi-generational group."

Kathy Saxton, Carroltowne Elementary School

"This program was probably the most interactive program we have ever had at our school, as every child played several instruments and was involved in making music for most of the program.  Ms. Hill knows how to motivate children and how to teach them.  She worked with full grade levels of students, with some having over 100 children in them.  Always positive in her approach and responses, Ms. Hill motivated the children to learn about the instruments and to respond appropriately to her conducting signals.  Students had to watch and listen carefully, to understand their role in the group performance, and to cooperate with others in order to successfully perform together as a group  --  skills important in both the drum circle setting and life!  Ms. Hill also cultivated their creativity by giving them the opportunity to create their own rhythm patterns for individual responses and in group performance.  Students left this program with new music knowledge and cultural understanding and appreciation."

"During the planning stages for this day, Ms. Hill suggested that she conduct a community drum circle on the evening of her visit so that students could engage in the drum circle experience with their families.  Our parents enjoyed the experience as much as the children.  It was a wonderful way to bring families and the community together!"