Nellie Hill, Playful Spirit Adventures, is a Remo endorsed professional Drum Circle Facilitator.  She has her MA in Music Education from the University of Maryland, with extensive post graduate studies at Duquesne and Villanova. Her extensive facilitator training includes VMC certification, HealthRhythms, including the Adolescent Protocol.  She is the co-author of  The Drum Circle Facilitators Handbook along with Arthur Hull. She has served on the Board of Directors for the Drum Circle Facilitators Guild since 2004 and has worked on their conference committee for most conferences.

Ms. Hill's work in facilitating rhythm experiences covers a wide range of events, including the 2008 opening of the National Music Center, presentations at the 2009 MENC conference in Washington, DC,  the Peabody Institute and National Geographic. She has led numerous teacher workshops for school districts in Maryland and Virginia. She enjoys sharing her wealth of experience and knowledge with other teachers, as well as students in school residencies, where the students have the opportunity to experience playing instruments from all over the world.

Nellie also really enjoys helping all populations make their own music.  Nothing is more exciting than finding out that you can create music without being told what to play. She has two community circles a month where all ages are welcome to come and discover music together  Making music together is not only fun but builds community and understanding.



D CFG Board of Directors

DCFG Board of Directors